What is Crawling and Indexing: How it Works

Crawling and Indexing is needed to rank your website on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Do you know what Crawling and Indexing is? If you do not know then this article is going to be very helpful for you.

When you create a website, Search Engine Bots start crawling your website. After crawling, the process of indexing starts, when your website is indexed, then your website starts ranking on the search engine.

What is Crawling and Indexing in my article? How Crawling and Indexing Works. Along with this, why Crawling and Indexing are important has also been told.

If you understand and read this article well, then you too can easily get your website crawling and indexing. Due to which your website will also start ranking on the search engine soon.

What is Crawling

When you submit your website’s post to Search Console, the search engine bots start crawling your post through the URL of that post so that your website can be ranked in the search engine. This process itself is called web crawling.

In other words, crawling is the first step to rank the website in the search engine. When you submit your website’s post to Search Console, only then do Google’s bots or crawlers go to the post of your website. 

If an internal or external link is present in that post, then through that link also crawl other posts. After this, the process of indexing starts.

What is Indexing

When the process of crawling is completed, then the process of indexing starts. In this, search engine bots analyze all the web pages of your website and then add the index of those web pages to the search engine’s database. 

The process of indexing in this way is called Web Indexing. When a user searches for a keyword on the Internet, then if any of your posts are related to that keyword, it starts showing in Search Engine Result Pages. In this way, your website slowly starts ranking on the search engine.

Why Crawling and Indexing is Important for Your Website

As you know what is Crawling and Indexing? With this, you must have got an idea of ​​how important Crawling and Indexing is for your website. 

If you do not understand then I would like to tell you here that without Crawling and Indexing you can never rank your website. Traffic also starts increasing on your website due to Crawling and Indexing. 

Which is a very good thing for the ranking of your website. If your website is new, then you have to submit the posts of your website to Search Console so that the process of Crawling and Indexing can be started and it can help to rank your website on Search Engine. 

Because without Crawling and Indexing your website will never rank. Now you must have come to know how important Crawling and Indexing are for your website. Let me now tell you how Crawling and Indexing works.

How Crawling and Indexing Work

The process of Crawling and Indexing is different, first, the Crawling happens, only after that, the process of Indexing starts. So let me first tell you the process of working for crawling, after that, I will tell you the process of indexing.


As you know, day by day new websites is being created on the Internet. And all bloggers want to rank their websites high in search engines. Therefore it is very important to have the process of crawling. 

When bloggers submit their web pages to Google Search Console, then the bots of the search engine start crawling the posts related to the keyword searched by a user. If Internal Linking is present in the post, then Crawlers also go to other pages of your website through that link. 

Apart from this, if your website is getting backlinks in web posts of other websites, then crawlers also come to your website from there. Which is a great thing for your website. If you create an XML Sitemap, then it also helps a lot for Google’s bots to crawl your website. 

If you do not want to crawl any of your web posts, then by generating a Robot.txt file, you can instruct the bots of the search engine accordingly.


When the search engine bots complete the process of crawling, the process of indexing starts right after that. In this, Google’s bots save the index of the web pages of your website in the search engine’s database. 

Due to indexing, your website starts showing in front of Internet users in the search engine’s result pages. In this way, due to indexing, there is a traffic increase on the website and the ranking of your website gradually improves. 

You can create quality content to improve indexing. So that search engine bots can index your website well. You try to make the URL of your post short and also add Focus Keyword to it so that your post can be indexed quickly. 

Along with this, compress the image used in the post and do not forget to Alt Tag. In this way, your website will be indexed quickly in the search engine.

Difference Between Crawling And Indexing

There are many differences between Crawling and Indexing, let me tell you the difference between them. which are as follows –

  • After creating the website, the first step is to get the crawling done by submitting the URL of the web pages to Search Console. Whereas in indexing, the bots of the search engine save the index of the website in the database of the search engine.
  • Internal linking is given more importance in crawling but backlinks are given more importance in indexing.
  • The process of crawling is the first step, only after that does the process of indexing start.
  • In Crawling, web pages are crawled but in indexing, the content is analyzed and stored in the search engine.
  • There is a process of crawling before indexing, but the process of indexing can never happen before crawling.

How to Detect Crawling and Indexing Issues

If the ranking of your website has gone down on the search engine then it can happen. There have been some problems in Crawling and Indexing your website. 

You can check these Crawling and Indexing Issues by going to Google Search Console. If you find these types of issues then you can fix them. In this way, your website starts ranking again.

Conclusion: What is Crawling and Indexing: How it Works

By reading this article, you must have understood what Crawling and Indexing are. And how important it is for the ranking of your website. If you create a website but do not optimize for crawling and indexing. So no matter how well you SEO Optimize your website.

But cannot get ranked on Search Engine. From this, you can guess that if a website has to be ranked on Search Engine. So for that, it is very important for you to optimize for Crawling and Indexing.

In this article, I have explained how Crawling and Indexing works. Along with this, information has also been given about the difference between Crawling and Indexing.

I hope you liked this article of mine. If you have found this article of mine helpful, then definitely share it with needy people.

FAQ: What is Crawling and Indexing: How it Works

When I was doing research about Crawling and Indexing on the Internet, I saw that there were many questions and problems from people related to it. Out of which I have given answers to some important questions in this article. which are as follows –

Q.1 Is Google a Crawler?

Ans. Google is not a crawler, Google is a search engine. But there are many Google bots which are also called Google’s Crawlers. These crawlers only process web pages when they are submitted to the search engine, crawl and index them. So now you must have understood that Google is a search engine and not a crawler.

Q.2 What is crawling in SharePoint?

Ans. In SharePoint, when you schedule the search engine to automatically crawl and index the web pages of your website. After that, when you make any changes or update your web pages, Crawlers also index that updated content.

Q.3 Does Google Crawl and Index only Blogging Websites?

Ans. If you are thinking that Google only crawls and indexes blogging websites, then this is not quite right. Google crawls and indexes all types of websites that follow its Terms and Conditions. If a website owner does not submit the web pages of his website to Google Search Console or does not follow its terms and conditions, then Google does not crawl and index such websites.

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