What Is URL Structure & How It Impacts On SEO

URL acts as an address for a website. But the structure of that URL is also very important to be good. Do you know what if the structure of the URL of your website is not good?

Bots of search engines may have difficulty in understanding the URL of your website, along with this the traffic on your website will also go down. Apart from this, there will be a lot of impact on the User Experience as well.

Most websites are not able to rank on search engines because they do not have much knowledge about the structure of the URL. URL is also an important element of SEO. If you are not aware of the structure of URLs then this article is going to be very important for you.

In this article of mine, what is URL Structure and what are its parts, and what is the impact of URL Structure on SEO. Information has been given about this in detail, which is going to be very helpful for you.

What Is URL?

The full name of the URL is Uniform Resource Locator. It can be the address of any type of document, text file or graphics, etc. that is present on the Internet. 

With the help of a URL, visitors reach your website on the Internet because these URLs act like addresses from which that location can be reached with the help of a browser. 

Now you must have understood what a URL is. But now you must be wondering what URL Structure is and what it looks like, so let me tell you.

What Is URL Structure?

A URL structure consists of Protocol, Domain Name, and Path. That’s when it’s called a URL. The protocol comes first in a URL as you must have seen HTTP:// and HTTPS://. HTTPS:// is more secure than HTTP://. 

The letter is in HTTPS:// represents Security. After this comes the subdomain, it is a part of the domain itself. Extension comes after the domain like – .com, .org, .net etc. The path comes after the extension, this path is for any page. 

I think you must have understood the URL as well as its structure very well. So now you should also know the parts of the URL Structure. About which I have given you information below.

Parts Of A URL Structure

A URL structure has many parts. that is included in a URL. These parts of the URL Structure are as follows –

  • Scheme
  • Subdomain
  • Second Level Domain
  • Top-Level Domain
  • Subdirectory

Let me explain to you these parts of URL Structure one by one.


With this scheme, the web servers know which protocol is to be used to access any web page of your website. Now, most websites use HTTPS because it is secure. 

Due to the personal information of the visitors coming to your website such as Password, Credit Card Number, this type of information is encrypted. 

Therefore the data of the visitors become more secure so that the hackers cannot steal the data of the visitors from your website. Visitors trust more on these types of websites and ranking also helps.


A subdomain is a part of the domain itself. The subdomain in a URL indicates a web browser to work on a particular web page of the website. You can create any number of subdomains.

Second Level Domain

The name of your website is called Second-Level Domain. Because of this, it helps visitors to identify your website. By looking at the Second Level Domain, visitors get to know which brand’s website they are visiting.

Top-Level Domain

Top-Level Domain As you must be aware of the extension which comes after your domain name and is associated with a dot. There are many extensions available on the Internet. 

If your website is related to education then.edu if there is a commercial website then .com in this way you should try to take the top-level domain. If you want to target Indian Traffic then it would be better for you to select .in.


Subdirectories are also known as subfolders. It comes after Top Level Domain. With this, the bots and visitors of the search engine get information about which particular part of the web page they are in. Now you must have understood what a Subdirectory is.

How Does URL Structure Impact On The SEO

URL is an important element of SEO itself. URL is the address of the content of a website that helps the visitors to access that content. Or it can be called a link that works to connect the visitors to the content. The structure of a URL has a lot of impact on SEO. Let me tell you here that having a good URL structure will have an impact on your SEO.

1. Ranking

You must be aware that Google has more than 200 algorithms and these algorithms are increasing from time to time. So that websites can get a good ranking on Search Engine Result Pages according to their SEO. 

Therefore it is very important to have a good structure of your URL as well. The URL structure should be such that it can be seen which contains the URL it is related to. While optimizing the URL of your content, definitely add the Focus Keyword to it. 

If the URL structure is good, then the bots of the search engine will be able to understand it well and this helps a lot in crawling and indexing as well as ranking. 

A good URL is helpful in increasing the CTR and reducing the bounce rate. Therefore it is absolutely correct to say that a good URL structure helps in increasing the ranking of your website.

2. User Experience

A good URL structure also improves User Experience. You should make your URL structure as simple as possible and include special characters like-! @ # $ % ^ * etc. should not be added. 

If the URL structure is simple, then people will understand your content only after seeing your URL. Due to which the CTR of your website will increase. In this way, URL Structure proves helpful in increasing User Experience.

3. Easier for tracking in analytics

You know that with the help of Analytics we track the traffic coming to the website. But there can also be many landing pages of the same website and it is also important to know how those landing pages are performing on the search engine.

Having a good URL structure makes it easy for you to know which landing page is performing and how much traffic is coming to which landing page. In this way, by tracking the landing pages, you can easily find out how they are performing on the search engine.

Conclusion: What Is URL Structure & How It Impacts On SEO

As you have come to know by reading this article, what is URL Structure, and how does it affect SEO. A good URL Structure proves to be very helpful in bringing more traffic to the website. 

Along with this, your website also performs well on search engines, which also helps a lot in ranking. It is very important to have a good URL structure for a better user experience.

In this article, I have given information about what is URL Structure and what are its lawn parts. Along with this, what is the impact of URL structure on SEO, it has also been told. If you follow and follow this article carefully, then you too can prepare a good URL structure for your web pages.

 I hope you liked this article of mine. If you found this article helpful even a bit, then do share it with needy people. If you do not understand anything in this article, then you can also ask by commenting below.

FAQ: What Is URL Structure?

When I was researching on the Internet what URL Structure, I saw that there were many questions and problems from people related to it. Out of which I have given answers to some important questions in this article. which are as follows –

Q.1 Are URLs the same type?

Ans. If you are thinking that all URLs are the same then it is absolutely wrong to think. Because there are many different types of URLs on the Internet. Some URLs are related to any Events, while some are related to Offers, apart from this, Date or Time is also given in many URLs. Which expire after a certain time. Now you must have understood that there are many types of URLs on the Internet.

Q.2 Does the size of the URL have an effect on the ranking of the web page?

Ans. If it comes to the size of the URL, then I would advise you that you should make the URL as short as possible. Because large URLs do not look good and they do not have a good effect on visitors and search engines. So make the URL short and also add the Focus keyword to it. Short URLs are easier to read and remember. Such short URLs also prove to be helpful in ranking.

Q.3 How to shorten URLs?

Ans. To shorten a URL, you will find many Link Shortener Tools on the Internet. You can easily shorten your URL by using any Link Shortener Tool. 

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