What Are The Important Search Console Reports?

If you are a blogger then you know very well what Google Search Console is. But are you well aware of the importance of search console reports? Do you know what Google search console was called before? And when it was launched by Google? Perhaps you will know the old name of the Google search console. But new bloggers have little knowledge about when the search console was launched.

According to Wikipedia, on 20 May 2015, the service through which bloggers worked was called Google Webmaster Tools. After some time Google improved the user interface of the webmaster in January 2018. Then also changed its name from Google Webmaster Tools To Google Search Console.

what are the search console reports?

After the initial update webmasters’ reports got changed. Because Google wants everything easier for its users and publishers. Whether you are a new or experienced player in this industry you can easily use it.

Indeed, you can easily find those reports to understand your website traffic, performance, speed, and more. But understanding the report is very important so that you can improve your website.

That’s why I have written this article to understand how you can read different types of Google search console reports

If you want to understand Search Console better, then read this article (What Are The Important Search Console Reports?) till the end only then you will get the benefit of it. Majorly Google search console has 5 important reports. But first, you need to understand what Google Search Console is. So you don’t confuse Google Analytics and Search Console. So let’s start.

What Is Google Search Console: Detailed Overview 

Google Search Console is a free-to-use website traffic tool. Where you can check how well-performing your website is, errors, keyword performance, average ranking, and more. When you finish your masterpiece article how Google ranks it? 

Do you know? 

So when you complete your article you need to submit the URL in it. So that Google can crawl and index its system. After checking the article if everything looks good then Google simply provides a ranking on its SERPs result. 

Mainly Search Console is like a postman that works as a mediator between your website and Google itself. If Google finds anything wrong with your website then you will be informed by Google Search Console.

Although Google Search Console gives you an overview of your traffic. But this will only cover the web traffic that is coming from Google search. It does not include any other segments such as traffic from Google ads, social media, and other handles. 

That’s why Google provides Google Analytics to check these segments of your website. Hope you have understood the difference between Google Search and Google Analytics. 

So let’s understand the importance of different types of Google Search Console reports. What you can check in your website from it.

Note: This website that I am going to overview in this article is my testing website. This is not even related to my business and any other perspective. 

Importance Of Difference Types Of Google Search Console Reports

Whether you have Google Analytics but Google Search Console is different from it. Because its report will show how well your website performs on Google search. Let’s understand those reports.

1. Performance Report


When you open the Google search console, first you will see the overview of your daily web search clicks. This will help you to understand how much traffic you are getting daily. When you click on the “Open Report” you will redirect to another page where you will see all the details in more depth. Let’s understand the performance report in detail. 

performance report

Where you will find many matrics that will show the complete performance of your website within the given period. Such as 3, 6, 12, and more. When you select the month then you will find the total impressions and clicks you will get in a given time. What’s the CTR average position on Search Pages and more. You need to understand them one by one.

Search Type:

search type filter

When you click on the search type you will get the option to sort the matrix according to the given filters of how much traffic you are getting from the web, images, video, and news. So you can understand what campaign is running well. After understanding this you can focus more on that.

Then you will also get the compare option to understand which organic campaign works very well. This will help you to understand what things are required to improve the traffic. When you solve the issue then usually your traffic goes up.

Total Clicks:

total clicks

How many clicks are you getting on your website from only web search? When you select the month that you want to know the overview of your search traffic. You will see how many clicks you get. This will play a very important role in organic traffic.

Total Impression:

How many people see your search result? Then how many clicks on it? This is different from the click. When Google shows your website results on Google Search and anyone notices the result. 

Then it will count as an impression and the more impression you get the more traffic you will get. If you’re not getting many impressions then you need to pay attention to it. Because there may be a problem with your website result.

Average CTR:

Average CTR will show the average percentage of people that click on your website result on Google search. This will calculate the total amount of impressions divided by the appearance total amount of clicks. 

When you get the average CTR you can understand how many people see your website and how many clicks on it. The more CTR the better your website performance.

Generally, the average CTR should have more than 31.7% of a 1-year-old website. If you want to rank in the top position in Google search. Then you need to have this CTR. If you don’t have this CTR then you should improve your search results. Such as adding emotional titles, better meta description, and more. 

Average Position:

Where your website is ranking on Google search? This metric will help you understand the average position of your whole website. The lower the position is the worst your website is performing in Google search.

Queries, Pages, Countries, Devices, Search Appearance, & Date

queries, pages, countries, devices, search appearance and date

Do you which query is gettings more clicks and help your website to increase the traffic? This is well known that the more clicks you will get on a single query. The better your ranking will be on the keyword. This metric will help you understand this.

Then this is also necessary to understand which page of your website getting more exposure. From which country are you getting the more traffic? On which device your website is doing great? And on which date you got the most clicks? 

When you analyze these then you can easily understand your audience segment. Then you can create the most precious content for them. Suppose if your audience is females aged 50 to 60 old and from New York.

And you are creating content for males aged 25 to 45 from India. Then this will not perform well. So understanding your audience is part of SEO

2. Coverage Report

Coverage report

Being a website owner you need to each and every segment of your website. Whether it is traffic, performance, revenue, and the technical part. That is also very important otherwise your every work gets ruin. No matter how much effort you put into your website.

Have you ever face any errors on your website? This is a very normal thing to heaving issues on the website. But when you starting to solve them you will notice your traffic goes up. Usually, Google doesn’t like any errors in the website. 

This search console’s coverage report shows how many pages of your website are indexed. Which page not be ranked? How many pages are facing ranking issues and more? You need to solve them very fast. Otherwise, your ranking may down. This report includes errors, valid with warnings, valid, exclude URL. When you analyze them then you easily find what should be changed.

3. Experience Report

Experience report

Whether you are operating your website on mobile, desktop, and tablet. This is very important to work well on every device. So that your website can easily accessible from any type of device. Suppose if a website looks great on desktop and if but not looking good on mobile. Then how it will perform well and get traffic.

That’s why Google provides 3 important metrics in Search Console; page experience, mobile usability, and, core web vitals, This gives you a complete overview of how well your website is performing according to these metrics.

What errors you need to fix and the daily trends? When you open the experience report all the reports you will find in it. 

Let’s understand those reports deeply. You can find out In, and 

Page Experience:

Google Search Console has a huge role in page experience. It is a group of signals. It is also very important for SEO. Users’ experience is measured in the page experience. So that’s why it is divided into 5 parts.

Core Web Vitals:

First of all, let me tell you that the core web vitals will be rolled out in mid-June 2021. In which you can find out whether your website is loading fast in front of the users. How is your interaction with users? And whether the visual stability of your website is appropriate or not. In this, you can also find out how your website is working on mobile and desktop. How much traffic is coming to your website from desktop and how much from mobile.

Mobile Usability:

Mobile Usability

Now Google is also focusing a lot on mobile-first indexing. So if your website is mobile-friendly, then it is good for your website. In Mobile Usability, you can find out how all the pages of the website are working on mobile. There is no error showing in them. Also, is your website valid for mobile or not. And with this, you can also know the status of your website for mobile.

Security Issues:

This option helps to know how well your website security system is for your users. And If there is a problem related to security in your website, then you can fix that problem by looking at it.


Your website should be safe for your users with HTTPS. Because when users enter their personal information on your website, then that information should be completely secure on the website. You can secure HTTPS through SSL Certificate.

Ads Experience:

You can find out In, and should always keep in mind that your users should not have any problem with the advertisements you have placed. Because if it happens then it will not be good for your website. Due to this, the ranking of your website can also be down. If there is any such problem then you can check in Ads Experience.

4. Enhancements Report

Enhancements report

The last report that comes in the Google search console is Enhancements Report. You will get to see the Enhancements Report in Something a bit like this.

The only purpose of creating Enhance is that there are no error codes on any page of your website. In Enhancements, you can find out how active your AMP page is and whether your structured data is working properly or not. In addition, you can also check breadcrumbs and site links for your website it.


Breadcrumbs report

As you know, breadcrumbs are also a part of SEO ranking factors. This reduces the bounce rate of the website. Through this, you can find out the bounce rate of your website. If your website has some kind of problem on Google’s SERPs, then you can fix all your issues through Breadcrumbs. 

It has three options namely Error, Valid with Warnings, and Valid. This three help to check your issues. After this, you can find the status of structured data in detail.

Sitelinks Searchbox:

Sitelink searchbox

You must be well aware that the site links search box is the easiest and quickest way for your users to reach your website. If an Internet user wants to access your website or the app you have created on the search result page, then it can be easily accessed through the search box. All you have to do is implement the site links of your website in the search box.

In the Sitelinks Searchbox report, you can find out how much traffic is coming to your box through the search box. You can also check the Error, Valid with warnings, help to and Valid, and find the status of site links.

Conclusion: What Are The Important Search Console Reports

Getting a better ranking on Google search needs to better understand different types of reports. That will completely show the mirror of your website. What’s going on your website, how much traffic you are getting from the web, which errors needs to be solved, and more.

When you will understand then you can easily solve them fast. So that your website traffic goes up. I have provided all the information related to every important report on your website.

Keep in mind that analyzing the search console report is very important. Because this will directly contact Google. Every important search engine result pages change majorly. 

The upcoming core web vitals update also going to launch in June and will be added very soon. So that you can prepare your website for the update.

I hope this article on the importance of search console report gives you complete information about it. Then if find better then share with the needy person.

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