What Is Page Experience: Recent Update

Are Your Users click your website and then go back within a few seconds and Is your website not ranking on Google SERPs then What are the reasons for this? Do you have any ideas? No, usually Page Experience is the biggest reason for this. 

According to Gorocketfuel.com, around 60% of internet users close the website if they do get a better page experience. That’s why those websites lose their traffic permanently.  

what is Page Experience and its recent update

Do you know that what is Google’s priority? No, ok let me tell you Google’s priority is Users Experience. And page experience plays a very important role in user experience. If you want to improve your user experience. Then first you need to improve your website page experience.

But how can you do that? That’s why you need to read this article. As well as I have covered all the things important things in this article for example what is Page Experience and its recent updates.

So first understand what is page experience.

What Is Page Experience?

Page Experience is a group of signals measures in which website users getting a good experience. Page Experience combined with web vitals which is called Metrics. Majorly, this page experience depends on the loading speed, interactivity, visual stability of your website. 

That you need to check if you want more traffic and a better user experience. 

Many new bloggers do not know what is the page experience. Due to which these bloggers do not prepare their web page for page experience. As the result is that their websites do not rank on SERPs.

I will tell you about the page experience by example

Suppose you go to a restaurant. The staff of that restaurant does not give you proper service. And the restaurant’s food is also not good in the test. It is the opposite when you go to another restaurant. The staff of that restaurant provides you with good service. And the food of that restaurant is also tasty. You get a good experience from this restaurant. Whereas the former restaurant gives you a useless experience. 

So you tell me which restaurant you would like to visit again. Perhaps you would like to visit the second restaurant from where you got good service and food.

The same goes for websites. The website that users get a good experience from. Google leads the same website in ranking. And the websites through which users get a poor experience. google reduces his ranking.

Google Ranking Factors

Do you know how many ranking factors Google? No problem, I tell you, Google has about 200 ranking factors. Out of which I have explained some important factors here. These factors are as follows.

  • Canonical Tag
  • Meta Description
  • Image Optimization
  • Title Tag 
  • Domain
  • Backlinks
  • Internal Linking
  • Sitemap
  • Google Search Console
  • Domain Authority
  • Do follow vs No-follow
  • Keyword Density
  • AMP
  • SSL Certificate

These Ranking Factors are very useful in doing all types of measures the SEO on the web page of any website. Through these factors, traffic comes to your website and users interact with you. 

How to Page Experience Affects Ranking

As you know, the most important for Google is the experience of its users. Therefore, in the page experience, the users have a lot of attention about the good experience from the web page. Users’ experience should be good, so all ranking factors of Google are checked thoroughly. Do you know how users get a good experience from a web page? If you have time while blogging, then you will know very well. But if I do not know, I will tell you. 

Users get a good experience from any web page when the content of the blogger’s article is good and meaningful. SEO of the web page should also be perfect. The web page theme and its loading speed should also be good. So that users can interact with you easily. 

Page Experience Signals

Now you know what is page experience, what are the ranking factors of google and how does page experience affects factors. Now I tell you which page experience is important for any web page after Google Page Experience signals which page experience is added in Google Search Console

The earlier old page experience had 4 signals. But now after Google’s announcement, 1 more signal is being added to the new page experience. Which is called core web vitals. Therefore, now 5 search signals have been made in the page experience. Which I have mentioned here. 

1. Core Web Vitals

Core web vitals are a set of metrics that measure the loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability of any web page. According to Google, the core web vitals have been divided into 3 parts. Which are as follows:

1LCP (Largest Contentful Paint)
2FID (Firest Input Delay)
3CLS (Cumulative Layout Shifts)

These three metrics measure any web page very well. As LCP measures the loading speed of a web page, the FID measures how much users interact with the web page of that website and CLS measures the visual stability of the web page.

2. Mobile Usability

Mobile usability is measured in the second signal of the Google search console. In this, it is seen that the web page is mobile-friendly for the users or not.

3. Security Issues

In the third signal of the Google search console, security issues are measured. In which it is checked that the web page of the website is safe and secure for the users.


HTTPS signal is specially designed to secure the personal information of the users. For Google, any website is considered secure only when it is secure with HTTPS.

5. Ads Experience

The ads experience signal comes last in the page experience of the Google search console. In this, it is measured that the advertisements you have placed in your blog post. The users are not facing any kind of problem with them.

According to Google, due to these signals of the page experience, AMP is no longer required. When Google launched AMP, AMP became very important for websites. Most bloggers installed AMP for their websites. Because websites with AMP used to rank faster than websites with non-AMP. Therefore AMP became very popular. Now Google’s new update will reduce the requirement of AMP.

Page Experience Recent Update

The first announcement for the page experience update was made by Google on 28 May 2020, which was that a new signal (core web vitals) will be added to the page experience along with the existing signals.

After that Google made another announcement that the new ranking signal of the page experience will be rolled out in May 2021.

Just a few days ago on April 19, 2021, Google said that in mid-June 2021 new updates of page experience will be added to the ranking system. These changes will be done for non-AMP content. So that the bloggers whose website is non-AMP can also rank their website on the Google search engine result page.

Page Experience Tools

If Google keeps in mind the experience of its users, then it also thinks about its bloggers. That’s why Google wants the updates that are being made to the page experience. The owners of every website can adapt those updates to their web page. And with this, they can prepare their website for those updates.

Bloggers can prepare their websites for updates. For that, Google has provided some page experience tools. If you use these tools for your website, then these tools will help you a lot. Through these tools, you will get a lot of help in getting important information too. These tools will explain to you what is the meaning of the updates that are being made in the page experience.

In this article, I have given information about some important page experience tools for bloggers. which is like this;

  • New metrics are added to the Pagespeed Insight tool.
  • With the Chrome Users Experience Report API tool, you get to know your 28 days of URL data.
  • The web vitals chrome extension is used to access metrics from the browser.
  • According to yoast.com, the lighthouse tool is considered the best for page experience.
  • Search Console’s new core web vitals are designed to check website performance.

Conclusion: What Is Page Experience?

My article What is page experience will help you a lot to rank your website in the Google search engine. For that, you have to prepare your web page well for page experience. The tools that I have mentioned in my article will help you to prepare the web page for updates.

Measures the measures

Many bloggers are worried about what is page experience. Friends, I would like to tell you that there is nothing to be disturbed by the page experience. The signals in it will make your website better. So that users can get a good experience from the website.

There is help in the SEO of websites by Google ranking factors. Core web vitals are considered to be the best of the page experience signals. Core web vitals deeply measure any website. In this article, I have told how the page experience affects the ranking factors. Also, measures the  I told you about the recent updates of the page experience. That’s why you have to focus well on the page experience.

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