How Much Google Safe Browsing Impact On Websites?

Being a website owner safe browsing is the most important factor to learn about. Because this feature can reduce your traffic. Then getting the older position on Google search becomes more difficult. 

According to, Google Safe Browsing saves more than 4 billion devices every day. Usually, this is the main motive why Google comes up with this feature. 

how much google safe browsing impact on websites

When a virus attacks any website then it can access its whole traffic and when a visitor enters any confidential details. Then it may lose by hackers. That’s why you need to read this whole article. 

So when Google finds this type of virus on any website. Then Google will block the website and show caution to every visitor who visited this website. As the resulting traffic goes down and your website ranking also is affected. 

I have written this article to understand how much Google safe browsing impact on websites, and how it can fixed.

So let’s start.

What Is Google Safe Browsing? 

When a website is attacked by any dangerous virus that can steal user personal data. And if the user turns on its safe browsing mode in its browser. 

Then Google shows warnings to the visitor that the website you are trying to visit is harmful to you. If visitors visit such a website and enter an ID password, then all this data can be stolen by a hacker.

When Google comes to know about your unsafe website then it penalizes your website. Due to which the traffic on your website is reduced a lot, when the traffic starts decreasing, then the ranking of the website starts decreasing automatically.

Due to this bad experience of users you may lose your ranking on Google search, your revenue goes down, and your brand image gets spoiled.

Do you how you can notice your website got hacked? How Google can show you an alert for this major issue? 

So when you open your Google Search Console Reports you will notice the major drop in your traffic and position. Then 100% of your website got hacked. There is another way to check this. When you notice your traffic goes down suddenly then you need to check the status diagnosis tool in Google Transparency Report. 

This tool will show you which type of virus attacks your website and what you need to do next. You will get a complete analysis of the virus.

Now you have understood about it. So let’s turn to how it can impact your website. What may lose? 

How Much Google Safe Browsing Impact On Website: 5 Points

Do you know what Google Safe Browsing is? So now you should also know the impacts on its website. Here I have mentioned 5 impacts on the website from Google Safe Browsing. as written below;

1. Traffic Down

If your website is insecure, it is not good for you. Because it has the most impact on the traffic coming to your website. When visitors visit your website from a secure browser, and if your website is insecure.

So in this situation, visitors are alerted by Google safe browsing, that the website you are trying to visit is Harmful to you.

This is why Traffic Down on your website. Because no Visitor wants his personal information to be stolen by a Hacker. Therefore visitors stop visiting these types of websites. Due to this, the traffic of the website goes down.

This type of website is not liked by both visitors and search engines. You can get information about Traffic Down through Google Search Console or Google analytics.

2. Ranking Down 

When Malware is found on your website, then visitors stop visiting your website. Then no matter how good the SEO Optimization of your website is, when the traffic on your website will be reduced, the ranking of the website will be automatically down.

Because Google values its users the most and when users visit malware websites, visitors are alerted by Google Safe Browsing. So that the personal data of visitors can be protected. When your website ranking is down, it will also affect your online income.

So when you get Alert about the ranking down of the website on Google Search Console, then you should check it. Is there any malware on your website? If the website is unsafe, then by clearing that malware you can rank the website again.

3. Bad User Experience

When malware arrives on your website, it increases the Bad User Experience. Because visitors on this type of website do not feel safe and then their trust in your website also decreases. If you do not solve this problem quickly, many visitors do not like to visit your website again.

Let me give you an example; If you visit a website that you trust. But there you are alerted by Google that malware is available on this website, due to which your data can be hacked. So can you take the risk?

Similarly, visitors are also unable to visit your website. Malware increases bad user experience. You can find and delete it from your website as soon as possible and make the user experience good.

4. Reduce Ad Revenue

If your website is ranking very well on Search Engine and Google Adsense ads are also showing on your website. You are generating a good online income from your website. But if a hacker puts malware in your website, the advertising revenue of your website will decrease.

Because when traffic to your website will be very low and the ranking of the website will be down, then the views and Clicks will not increase on the ads shown by Google Adsense. 

For this reason, Google will start showing ads of low quality on your website and due to this, your online income will be greatly affected.

5. Harmful To Your Brand Image

As I told you that Malware reduces the traffic coming to your website, reduces the ranking, and also affects your online income. Along with all this Malware also causes a lot of damage to your Brand Image. Due to which visitors start ignoring your website and visiting other websites.

Let me give you an example; Suppose that if a hacker puts malware on Flipkart, he can get the personal data of visitors to Flipkart. When the visitor is alerted by Google, visitors will start visiting Amazon or any other website instead of visiting Flipkart.

Which will affect the brand image of Flipkart. Because visitors will feel that the website they trusted is unsafe. Because of this, the brand image is damaged by malware.

When you know what Google Safe Browsing is and how much it affects your website. So now I will tell you how to detect malware and fix it.

How To Fix Caution

Even after doing the SEO optimization of the website properly, is the traffic on your website decreasing, is your website not ranking on the search engine result page (SERPs)?

If you have taken all measures to increase the ranking of the website, then now you should also check whether there is malware on your website. Because when a hacker puts malware on your website, then your website becomes unsafe. So let me tell you now how to find and fix Malware on your website.

I will tell you about the Wordfence Plugin here, which you can easily find and delete Malware by installing it on your WordPress website. This process is as follows;

First of all, go to the Dashboard of your WordPress Website. Here you will get the option of plugins, click on it.

After this, you will get the option of Add New Plugin above, click on it.

As soon as you click on Add New, a page will open in front of you, here you will find the Search Bar. Search by typing Wordfence in this search bar. Wordfence Security Plugin will appear in front of you after searching. You can install it by clicking Install Now.

When this Plugin is installed, then it is activated. After this, there is a Page Open in front of you. Here, you should continue by putting an email.

As soon as you click on Continue, a page opens in front of you. Here you will get the option of Scan, click on it.

After clicking on Scan, a page will open in front of you. Here you have to click on manage scan.

Then you will get to see Basic Scan Type Options here. Here you select the High Sensitivity Option because you are going to scan the First Time. After this, you will get the option of save changes, click on it.

Then you back off and click on Start New Scan.

As soon as you click, your website starts scanning. After getting scanned for some time, you get to see the result.

There is no Malware on my website, so here you can see the sign of the Right on the malware scan above. If there is malware on your website, then you can check it from here and delete it. 

Conclusion: How Much Does Google Safe Browsing Impact On Your Website

Heaving a website is a very great thing because you are making a recurring asset for yourself. But this also comes with many issues and hacking is major. If you know about them then you can easily solve them.

But new bloggers usually don’t know about it may be very dangerous for your website. When your website got hacked you need to take patients first. Then check all the reports and understand how you can remove them.

Because when your website is attacked by any virus you getting lose your website traffic. That’s why I have given all the information in the article. If you have read them carefully then probably you will not face any problem while heaving any type of virus.

So thanks for reading this complete article if you have any doubts and questions reacted to this article. Then you can simply ask in the comment section. I will reply as soon as possible.

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