GeneratePress Review 2021: It Is Right For Your Website?

Are you looking for a theme that is right for your website? If yes then GeneratePress is perfect for your website. In this in-depth GeneratePress Review 2021, you will know how GeneratePress is going to be the best for your website.

According to Researchers, GeneratePress is considered one of the most installed themes ever. Whose download number is more than 3,646,042.

GeneratePress is not only one of the most popular themes but its free and premium versions make this theme even more special.

Talking about its rating, it has the highest rating in the WordPress repository, and with 848 out of 858 reviews giving this theme a 5-star rating.

Although it has more than 3,646,042 downloads, the real question is whether this theme is worth your money or not? Because I know that not every blogger has enough budget to spend money on themes. 

Therefore, if a blogger is investing money in buying a theme, then before that he should be well aware of whether it is worth his work or not.

In this comprehensive GeneratePress review, I have gone through the nitty-gritty of this theme like its features, pros & cons, performance, etc. You will find all this in the details below. So let’s start. 

What Is a GeneratePress Theme?

GeneratePress is a free lightweight multi-purpose WordPress theme created by Tom Usborne, a talented WordPress developer from Canada. 

Its premium version is used to create a theme for the blog. If you are thinking of creating a business website, a portfolio website, or an eCommerce website, then you can easily create a website using its WooCommerce plugin. 

For the last 5 years, it has maintained its stability in the market and is becoming popular among all the bloggers with its fast and feature-rich features.

Although it is important to have knowledge about UI while creating a theme, you will not need to learn UI in this WordPress theme. 

It gives you complete freedom to customize the website using a native WordPress customizer, interface, and page builders.

The GeneratePress theme is available in two flavors – free and premium. The premium version has more modules than the free version.

If you take the premium version, you will also need to get a plugin called “GP Premium” along with it and you will need to purchase a license to install the GP plugin, then this theme will work properly.

Before using the GeneratePress theme on the original website, definitely try its demo websites, because, through its demo websites, it will be very easy to set up your real website. 

As well as you’ll find everything you need in its demo websites like menus, headers, footers, sidebars, Beaver Builder, Sidebar Elementor, Divi, etc.

GeneratePress Support & Pricing

Now in this review point, it is the turn of GeneratePress support and pricing. So let me first introduce you to its support system which is as follows:


When it comes to spending money on a theme, one thing should always be known: what is the support system of that theme. Because their support system is not good, then if there is a problem in the future, then who will tell how to fix that problem. Almost all bloggers pay special attention to this.

I will not say that only the support quality of GeneratePress is good but yes, in terms of the support system of other themes, GeneratePress is much better than them. When I put my problems in front of them, I got quick and accurate results from there.

If you want, you can search the questions related to the problems arising in the GeneratePress WordPress theme on Google or you can troubleshoot your problems by directly contacting the support system team found in GeneratePress.

Tom Usborne and his partners Leo and David, the creators of GeneratePress, are ready 24×7 to solve their customer queries.


Now let me inform you about the price of its plans. As you have just learned in the above article that GeneratePress has two plans, first free and second premium. 

You will get the features in the free version but you can use them all in a limited way. On the contrary, if you take its premium version then you will get unlimited modules in it.

When purchasing the premium version, remember that you also need to purchase a license for the companion plugin called “GP Premium”.

The premium plans of GeneratePress also have two types of variants – Yearly and Lifetime. You will have to spend $59 to take its yearly plans, you will get 14 modules, 500 websites to access, a one-year update facility as well as 1-year support in it. 

But according to me, this is a kind of theft, because the same facility is also available in Lifetime plans and if the modules available in it are seen from the point of view of Lifetime, then not much money is being taken for it.

Well, which of these two plans you want to buy depends on you and your budget. I am sure that both these plans will support you completely.

You can also enjoy the site-library with all the premium modules once you have installed and activated the plans and accompanying GP Premium.

For your information, let me tell you that the annual cost of the GP Premium license is $49.95, but you can use it for unlimited websites, whether it is your website or your team, it does not matter.

The premium plans of GeneratePress have amazing features that will give you a lot of support to make your website look professional and rank on search engines. Some of its plan features are as follows:

  • Block-Based Theme Builder
  • WooCommerce
  • Off-Canvas Panel
  • Advanced Hook System
  • Styling Controls
  • Sticky Navigation
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Mobile Header
  • Advanced Layout System
  • Secondary Navigation
  • Archived Columns
  • Masonry 

GeneratePress Performance

If we look at the performance of GeneratePress, then it is one of the fastest themes in terms of performance.

When I tested the base install of this theme on Google’s Lighthouse performance tool, I got a score of 100/100. 

Similarly in the GTmetrix test also this theme gave an amazing score. If you want, you can use managed hosting on a VPS to test this theme, you will see relatively better results there too.

For your information, let me tell you that there are only two files of this WordPress theme, whose total size is 7.1 KB.

Tom Usborne has reduced the overall size by 55% at the launch time of the new version 3.0 of GeneratePress in 2020.

This is a theme that is also gaining momentum with the passage of time and is increasing its reach. Looking at its work, it can be said that this theme really cares about its performance.

Besides being a good developer, it also has a feature that generates CSS automatically. So that only as much CSS is used as is needed. Overall, I would only like to say that once you must try GeneratePress because it is difficult to get a performance like this.

10 Best Features of GeneratePress Theme

As you know in this GeneratePress Theme Review what is GeneratePress Theme and how much is the price of this Theme. Along with this, how does it perform? So now you should also know its features. 

There are many features of this theme but here I will tell you its 10 best features. These best features are as follows –

1. Very Fast Loading Speed

If we talk about the loading speed of GeneratePress Theme, then I would like to tell you that its loading speed is very fast. Because GeneratePress Theme is a Lightweight Theme and does not contain any Extra CSS File or Javascript. 

Because of this, it does not take much time to load. Visitors also like to visit such websites whose loading speed is fast. If you have a WordPress website and you want to increase the loading speed of your website, then a GeneratePress theme can prove to be good for you.

2. Lightweight

In this GeneratePress Theme Review, I have already told you that due to the small size of the theme, it is a Lightweight Theme. The size of the GeneratePress Theme is very less as compared to other Themes. 

This theme does not require much storage to download and install on your device. Due to the small size, it performs very well. There is not much coding in the GeneratePress Theme, so its size is so low.

3. User Friendly

GeneratePress Theme is Responsive as well as User Friendly. Because many websites use themes that are not responsive. Due to which they are not able to perform well on all types of devices. 

This has a bad effect on the users. GeneratePress is Theme Responsive which automatically adjusts very well on the screen of all types of devices like – Desktop, Mobile, Laptop, Tablet, iPhone, etc. That’s why GeneratePress Theme is also called a User-Friendly Theme.

4. Money Back Guarantee

If you use GeneratePress Theme but if you do not like any service or any feature of this theme. So GeneratePress also gives you its Money-Back Guarantee. You can try this GeneratePress Theme and if you do not like it, you can also get your money back within 30 days. But if it is more than 30 days then the company will not refund you the money. So if you are thinking of purchasing a theme, then you can give GeneratePress Theme a try.

5. SEO Friendly Theme

You already know that SEO is developing day by day. Google’s algorithms are also increasing. Because of this, bloggers have to do SEO of their website very well. You already know that the loading speed of the website is so important to improve the ranking of the website. 

If the loading speed is seen, then GeneratePress Theme is very fast load because this theme is Lightweight. Therefore it is an SEO Friendly Theme that is helpful in ranking on Search Engines.

6. Multipurpose Theme

GeneratePress Theme is not just for designing a website. This is a type of multipurpose theme, with the help of which you can easily design many types of websites. 

Like you Business Websites, Blog Websites, Woo Commerce, Professional Websites, and Shopping Websites, etc. You can design all types of websites. 

You will get many templates of GeneratePress Theme which you can download and customize according to your own. Now you must have understood that GeneratePress Theme is a Multipurpose Theme.

7. Easy To Customize

If you download and install the GeneratePress Theme on your WordPress website and want to customize it. So you can also customize it very easily. 

For this, you have to go to the Dashboard of your WordPress website, here on the left side you will get to see the option of Appearance. By going in this, you can design your website as per your wish and you can fully customize it. 

In this way, you can make your website even more attractive by setting layouts, etc. Now let’s talk about the next feature.

8. Helpful in getting Adsense Approval

You know this thing that all bloggers do hard work on by creating a website so that they can get the approval of Google Adsense quickly and start earning money online. 

But approval is available quickly only when the website performs well on the search engine. GeneratePress Theme is a Lightweight Theme that is very fast loading. If the GeneratePress Theme is installed on the website, then it increases the ranking of the website in the search engine. 

Due to which the approval of Adsense is also available quickly. Because Google also recommends GeneratePress Theme. I think you must have understood GeneratePress Theme Review very well. So let me now tell you about its next feature.

9. GeneratePress 14 Module

You can use GeneratePress Theme for free, apart from this you also get its premium version. For which you also have to make some payment. By the way, the features that you get in the free version, you also get them in premium. 

But in addition to the free version, some extra features are also seen in the premium version. In GeneratePress Premium Theme you get access to 14 Modules. With the help of which you can design your website and create awesome blogs. 

You can also use these modules by purchasing the premium version of GeneratePress. Let me now tell you about the last feature of this GeneratePress Theme Review.

10. Good Support to Page Builders

GeneratePress Theme supports all types of Page Builder Plugins well. If you do not know what Page Builder is. So I would like to tell you here that with the help of Page Builder, bloggers do all kinds of page design for their website. 

Such as – Home Page, About us Page, Terms & Condition, Contact us Page, etc. GeneratePress Theme supports all such Page Builder Plugins very well.

GeneratePress Theme Pros & Cons

If you are reading this GeneratePress Theme Review thoroughly, then you must have understood its features very well. But you should always keep in mind that a coin has two sides. 

If you are benefiting from something, then it will also cause loss. Similarly, GeneratePress Theme also has Pros and Cons. It is very important for you to be aware of them. 

Based on these Pros and Cons, you can decide to install GeneratePress Theme on your WordPress website. So let me first tell you the Pros of the GeneratePress Theme, after that, I will also tell you about the Cons.


By the way, after reading GeneratePress Theme Review, you have come to know how many benefits it has, but still, I am telling you some Pros of GeneratePress Theme here. which are as follows –

  1. GeneratePress Theme is a User-Friendly Theme. Because it automatically adjusts very well on the screen of all types of devices. Due to which it has a good effect on the users.
  2. The size of the GeneratePress Theme is very less, due to which its loading speed is very fast. Therefore it performs very well on search engines.
  3. You do not need to have much coding knowledge to install GeneratePress Theme on your WordPress website. You can use it easily even without coding knowledge.
  4. In GeneratePress Theme, you get many options and in addition 14 Modules. With the help of which you can design the blog well and also fully customize it according to you.
  5. You can also do good website design using the free version of GeneratePress Theme, but if you want to do a better blog design then you can purchase its premium version.


Now that you have known the Pros of GeneratePress Theme, now you should also know its Cons. which are as follows-

  1. The features you get in the free version of GeneratePress Theme are limited.
  1. GeneratePress does good support with Theme Page Builder Plugins. But you do not get the Drag and Drop feature in it.

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In this GeneratePress Theme Review, now I will tell you some Alternative Themes of GeneratePress Themes. Many of whose features will be similar to GeneratePress Theme and some features will be different. 

If you do not want to use GeneratePress Theme, then you can choose any one of these alternative themes. You can also design the website very well through these alternative themes. 

Here I am telling you 2 Alternative Themes, out of which the first is Astra Theme and the second is OceanWP Theme. Let me first tell you about Astra Theme.

Astra Theme

Astra Theme is a Lightweight Theme similar to GeneratePress Theme and its loading speed is also very good. This theme is SEO Optimized so it is called SEO Friendly. Astra is the only theme that has been given a place in the default theme of WordPress. 

This is a Multipurpose Theme with the help of which you can design all types of Themes like Blog Website, Business Website, Professional Website, Woo Commerce, etc. The loading speed of Astra Theme is also very fast. 

This is a very attractive theme in small size and you can completely customize it according to your own. If you want to use Astra Theme in your WordPress website, then you do not even have to come Coding. 

Astra provides you with many Pre Build Demo Sites, with the help of which you can import your blog into it very easily. When you purchase the premium version of Astra, you also get some plugins along with it. With the help of which you can design blogs even better and you do not even need to install unnecessary plugins.


By reading this GeneratePress Theme Review, you have come to know what GeneratePress Theme is. In the same way, there is OceanWP Theme which is very fast loading. 

With OceanWP Theme, you can easily design all types of websites. In this, you get many features, one of which is also eCommerce Ready. OceanWP’s support system is also very good. 

Along with this, if you face any problem then 24/7 good customer support is also available. In this, you also get Advance Mega Menu, with the help of which you can fully customize the website. 

OceanWP Theme is a Mobile-Friendly Theme. If you don’t like GeneratePress Theme then you can choose OceanWP Theme or Astra Theme or whatever you like. You can install it on your WordPress website.

Conclusion: GeneratePress Review 2021: It Is Right For Your Website?

By now in this in-depth GeneratePress Review, you must have come to know how different the GeneratePress WordPress theme is compared to the rest of the WordPress themes.

Its modular design is quite spectacular. By which anything can be easily activated/disabled like script load system on the website etc. There are more than 80,000 thousand happy customers using its premium plans.

What to say about its site library facility? This is an amazing feature of GeneratePress. The site library is not only useful for a business, blog, or eCommerce website, but it also gives a lot of freedom to create many great websites in your own way like Donate, Realtor, Crypto, Cloud, Portfolio, Health, Solo, Ethos, Decor, etc.

Demo videos are also available for your help in it, by seeing which you can make your website a professional website.

With this, I hope this article of mine (GeneratePress Review 2021: It Is Right For Your Website?) will prove useful to you.

FAQ: GeneratePress Review 2021

If you are a new blogger then it is obvious that you are going to have a lot of problems in GeneratePress. In my research, I have seen many bloggers doing queries on the internet about GeneratePress, but they did not get satisfactory answers. In view of this problem, I will give answers to 3 important questions here.

Q1. What is the GeneratePress refund policy?

Ans. The GeneratePress refund policy works in such a way that if you are not happy with their GP premium, you can get your money back within 30 days of purchase by refunding your premium plan. You will not be questioned on the return of the premium.

Q2. Is It Possible for GeneratePress Yearly Plan license keys to renew automatically?

Ans. No this is not possible. GeneratePress will never charge you a bill once you make the initial purchase. But after one year, you have to manually renew your license key yourself.

Q3. How many Websites can bloggers use GP Premium on?

Ans. Bloggers can use GP Premium for 500 websites. Whether they use it for themselves or for their customers, it doesn’t matter.

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